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Windrush Manufacturing Solutions Ltd is now in its 17th successful year challenging, advising and supporting UK and International manufacturing and engineering businesses, from SMEs to Blue Chips. We have worked in most sectors of industry on improving effectiveness and efficiencies.

We are pragmatic and experienced sector experts in Lean Manufacturing, engineering, change management and new product development helping you nurture your people and reduce your waste.

Here at Windrush we’re passionate about the manufacturing sector and using our tools and techniques to fully unlock the potential of your business.

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Our Lean manufacturing diagnostic ‘health checks’ your operation and identifies the TRUE capacity of your business. We’ll state our view of your Top 3 improvement actions and “Quick Wins”.

We have a light touch, people friendly approach often using workshop formats to attack your overall equipment effectiveness, downtime, changeovers, absenteeism, waste and process yields. Elimination of waste is the DNA of who we are and what we do!


We believe new products and processes are central to constant and perpetual business improvement.

We’ll challenge everything from your product strategy and profitability through your ideas pipeline, delivery organisation to materials and technology choices.

You’ll get solid advice based on years of product development launches, on maximising your opportunities from getting great products speedily to market. And we mean UK … and exports!


Your people and their roles and reporting structures are fundamental to our Change Management approach. So we’ll major on the way you train, coach and develop your staff.

We’ll help you nurture your greatest asset so your team can respond positively to changes in market demands.

Of course the matching of skills required versus skills available is fundamental to success in today’s fast changing world. We pride ourselves on our integrity and offer an unbiased view of this crucial area on each assignment.


  • Windrush Manufacturing Solutions Ltd are experienced Management Consultants who achieve results fast for investors, SMEs and Blue Chip companies in UK and export markets
  • We specialise in change through process excellence in Lean Manufacturing, Engineering / Maintenance and New Product Development
  • We have worked in industry worldwide at all levels and are pragmatic problem solvers
  • Our aim is to challenge and improve your ambition, entrepreneurial culture and your profits
  • With over 12 successful years helping industry prosper
  • We can help you too!


Do you know the steps to take to grow the business or start to grow exports?

Business Growth
Business Growth

Do you actively encourage New Product Development … or do you find NPD irritating and tiresome?

New Product Development
New Product Development

Are you just playing at Lean manufacturing? What stops you improving production OEE efficiencies or reducing waste …. complacency?

Lean Manufacturing
Lean Manufacturing

Do you develop, train and mentor your staff properly … or do you leave well alone?

Staff Development
Staff Development

Do you know the TRUE capacity of the plant 24/7? Can further capacity be released without spending on Capex?

Plant Capacity
Plant Capacity

Have you ever had a proper unbiased diagnostic done on your business to gauge its health? What are your top 3 priorities? After our diagnostic we'll tell you!

Health Diagnostic
Health Diagnostic

RICHARD JONES Managing Director

  • Richard Jones
    Richard JonesManaging Director

A Chartered Mechanical Engineer and F.I.Mech.E based in Cheshire, UK.

Richard has an MSc. in Manufacturing from Warwick University and 35 years experience in Manufacturing, Engineering & NPD as General Manager/COO and Management Consultant.

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