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Thankfully we are returning to work. But are your performance #KPI’s back up to scratch? What changes are you making to re motivate your staff, increase #productivity and reduce #waste and/or wasteful activities? #Training plans? For your future technicians #Apprenticeshipswork!

Ready to think big, #innovate & dust off the skeletons in that product development cupboard?
In essence, what #Lean methodologies are you going to deploy to increase profitability and reduce time to market? What’s your plan to shake yourself up and positively respond with a targeted offer to the demands of the new world out there?

Windrush Manufacturing Solutions is an international management consultant. We’ve worked in literally hundreds of #industrial and R&D #ResearchDevelopment businesses worldwide, most recently in the Philippines..and Yorkshire!

Call us up for a chat to arrange a meeting, plant tour, diagnostic or to discuss a specific issue! We’ll give our unbiased, independent view on your Top 3 priorities.

I’m the M.D. Richard Jones and you can reach me on 07771694556 or email

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