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Simple is Better! … KISS ( keep it simple stupid)!

Yes favourite maxims in engineering, value analysis and manufacturing! This is National Grid’s new T pylon made of only 8 major structural components (plus bolts). Not only is it much more elegant than the traditional ugly lattice but it can be erected in a day vs. the current 5 days.

And it stands just 36m tall vs current 50m transporting the same 400KV, significantly reducing the environmental visual impact. Looks like a win-win to me!

So with new pylons required to bring renewable off shore (and onshore) wind energy into and across the UK does this new design mean fewer environmental objections? 

Well done National Grid, this will beneficially impact all UK residents and tourists. Comparing it with the existing lattice leviathan begs the question why we’ve put up with the old design for nearly 90 years though!

This is good design engineering and great value engineering!

One final thought … I do hope it’s Made in the UK from UK steel?!

National Grid T-Pylon

Image courtesy of National Grid

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