Rolls-Royce triggers £250bn nuclear race

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Huge economic boost if UK consortium gets go-ahead to build fleet of mini reactor plants!

Without the mighty Rolls Royce 27 litre V12 Merlin engine in our Hurricanes, Spitfires & Lancasters would we have had the firepower to defeat the Nazis?

Post WW2 UK engineers pioneered our nuclear industry. Now our old, but safe Magnox plants are being decommissioned, & we’ve turned to Europe’s EDF to build the huge and costly 3.2 GW Hinkley Point C nuclear plant. An identical monster could be built at Sizewell C albeit with lead time/cost lessons

Or, post covid we could reset our approach to the way we a) build and generate agile, zero CO2 clean power +b) make high value exportable products!

The UK’s submarines have been safely nuclear powered for 50 years by RR who employ the majority of the UK’s nuclear engineers. The consortium they lead proposes factory made reactors which can be trucked to site for simple installation. Typically at 300MW these are 10% the size of Hinkley Point’s & would power a city the size of Newcastle or Leeds.

Mini reactors should be pursued at the highest political level! We could create a world leading export to the world with massive climate change advantages!

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